• Pre-Nursery to Class Xth Co-Educational School
    (Affiliated to C.B.S.E. for 3 Years)
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Principal Message


Rajesh Kumar Srivastav MSc (Zoo), M.Sc. Environment Edu, Bed, DDE


“Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man” – Swami Vivekananda


  • Trained Transformative teacher trainer from Global classroom, Lucknow (UP).
  • Teacher Trainer for supportive Interventions for children with Learning and behavioral problems from National Institute of Public Cooperation & child Dev., New Delhi.
  • He is a free lance teacher trainer since 2002.
  • CBSE certified PAT member for SQAA, CBSE mentor for M & MP for 5 schools of Faridabad sine2013, CBSE award nominee for Mentor award 2015.
  • Teacher Training Resource person for capacity building programs (CBP) of centre of Excellence (COE), CBSE.
  • Trained school accreditation assessor and examiner from National Accreditation Board of Education and Training (NABET) , Quality Council of India (QCI), N. Delhi.
  • Author for 300 + books for 1-12 classes in EVS, Science, Biology (CBSE Board, Chennai Board, Rajasthan Board, JK Board, Uganda, Ghanna (Africa), Prepared Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for Primary teachers, Sr. teachers, and management working manuals.
    Empanelment: CBSE PAT member, CBSE Mentor, CBSE CBP- Resource Person for COE, CBSE Affiliation Team Member, Teacher trainer NIIT, Gurgaon, Accreditation assessor and examiner NABET, QCI, N. Delhi.

Conducted Workshops on: Accreditation, Classroom Observation scale (COS), Bloom’s taxonomy, Class management, practical Based Learning (PBL), Life skills, Gender sensitivity, CCE, Quality in Education (QIE), Multiple Intelligence (MI) and many more.

Message: The formal education starts in school. The school is the place to provide it through the prescribed syllabus and books. Education does not stop here. To educate a child he/she has to be facilitated by all. Teachers and parents plays a vital role. Book knowledge helps to pass a class exam but life knowledge helps to become a man. It can be given through- Moral Education, Value Education and Spiritual Education. Lets educate the children not merely teach them.


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